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Posted on Oct 25, 2011

Thames Tunnel update October 2013

Thames Tunnel


The planning Inspectorate process has now (Sep 2013) formally started.  It is clear that many aggrieved parties want to make representations, not least Hammersmith & Fulham Council and the Carnworth Road residents Coalition.  Both bodies and their substantial legal teams are going to push very hard to have the main drive site moved back to Barn Elms.  Putney residents will need to be very vocal in resisting this and indeed to insist that the works at Putney Bridge disrupt Putney as little as possible.  We need also to focus on the design of the ‘promontory’ on the Embankment between the pier and the bridge we will be left with after the three years or so of construction work is adequately landscaped.


Thames Tunnel - Phase Two Consultation

Phase 2 consultation update 28 January 2012

Since they were made public in November we have considered Thames Water’s (TW’s) Phase 2 proposals, consulted our members and developed our consultation response. Our response confirms our opposition to the use of Barn Elms as a main drive site, presses for further design and transport improvements and calls for positive legacy developments to compensate for the inevitable disruption from these works. The final document we submitted can be read by clicking on the link below:


Putney Society Phase 2 consultation response

Society Response 

Phase 2 consultation closes on 10th February and whatever your views it is important as many members as possible respond to Phase 2 consultation. If you need further information to help you decide what to say, details of TW’s proposals can be found on their website at

How can I respond? 

You can let TW know your opinion via their consultation website by email to or alternatively by post to: Freepost RSSB-HYRU-EGUT, Thames Tunnel, 35 King Street, BRISTOL, BS1 4DZ. If you are emailing or replying by post please include your name and address.


What happens after Phase 2?

From phase 2 consultation closing on 10th February the process will be:

2nd week in May - TW publish their consultation feedback report;

early June - TW publish section 48 document summarising their final proposals;

November - TW make their planning application.