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Thames Towpath Works - Beverley Brook to the Wetlands Centre

Posted on Oct 20, 2017

The Port of London will be working on the Thames Towpath west of Putney Embankment along the area where trees were previously removed.   Work on the overall site, which extends from the Beverley Brook to the footpath leading to the Barn Elms Wetlands Centre, is split into two phases.

 - Phase One will be to the upstream section of the site (from Barn Elms boathouse to the footpath) and work will hopefully be complete by December 2017.

 - Phase Two will be to the downstream section (from the Barn Elms boathouse to the confluence with the Beverley Brook) and should be complete by April 2018.

There will be a Christmas and New Year shutdown of work from 22nd December 2017 to either 3rd or 8th January 2018.    

The towpath will remain open at all times during the work, with plant sitting behind fenced and debris netted "blisters" round each tree stump.   Generally each stump will have the revetment stone removed by hand from around the growth and set aside for reuse.  Each stump will then be ground down to a level below the current revetment formation and the roots cut.  The stump and arisings will be removed and placed to create a habitat at the rear of the towpath.    A minimum width of not less than 1500 mm will be maintained around each work area to the towpath rear edge.  

The resulting void below revetment formation will be filled with dry, lean concrete and the previously removed revetment stone replaced to a profile to match that of the existing surrounding revetment.  

Working hours are currently from 0800 until 1800, Monday to Friday, with 0800 until 1300 on Saturday only by prior appointment and with good reason. 



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