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Putney Station - Schedule of works

Posted on Jul 19, 2016

The Society's Transport Panel has been monitoring the progress made by Network Rail who have revised their refurbishment timeline

Further work has been carried out to clean the section of the façade above the station entrance. However, as mentioned previously, there is no funding to restore the façade either side of this i.e. where the café and hairdressers were on the left hand side or above Costa on the right. We are still awaiting confirmation of when the power supply into the station, which will enable the new shops and the lifts to function, will actually work. At the start of this year Network Rail and South West Trains scheduled this for the end of June; however, the latest evidence suggests this is slipping. If this delay is correct then it will have taken almost two years after work on the concourse was completed. In the meantime, after heavy rain in May, the concourse appears to have some leaks in the roof.

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