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Putney Society Response to June 2019 Heathrow Consultation

Posted on Sep 19, 2019

Are you aware that under Heathrow's current plans, planes wil fly over Putney and Roehampton continuously from 6:00 am onwards on three out of every four days when planes are flying in a westerly direction (which is most days)?  And that on two of those three days, we will have no respite for the whole day - unlike current arrangements where we have respite for half of each day.

The Society has sent a response to the latest consultation regarding the expansion of Heathrow airport launched in June 2019 and in our response we object strongly to these plans and have proposed a more equitable sharing of the noise burden.

We are also highly critical of many other aspects of Heathrow's plans for a third runway and we set out several proposals for mitigating the impacts they would have on Putney and Roehampton.

The full document can be viewed or downloaded by clicking here: 

Response to June 2019 Heathrow Consulation 


Please let us know what you think about the Heathrow proposals



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