Putney Society Comments on the Draft Local Plan

Posted on Mar 14, 2021

In 2021 Wandsworth Council is preparing a new Local Plan for the Borough, see Wandsworth Local Plan .   

This is an important exercise; as the preamble notes:

Keeping the borough's Local Plan up to date is a priority for the Council. Local policies and site allocations need to be supported by and based on up-to-date evidence in order to be effective and robust. The imperative to do so has become greater in the previous few years, as there have been a number of changes in national and regional policy; for example, with respect to planning for increased housing targets. We are therefore undertaking a full review of its local policies and site allocations to ensure they are still relevant and are achieving the outcomes required. 


All four Society Panels reviewed the latest draft plan and their comments were coordinated by Andrew Catto - the Buildings Panel Convenor.   They were submitted both online and in a document which tied together the separate themes of the plan.   The letter can be seen by clicking Comments on Draft Local Plan 2021   

(Warning: it is a big document)