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Elliott School development plans

Posted on May 25, 2012

Elliott School development plans. Putney Society’s correspondence with Cllr Ravi Govindia, Leader of the Council

Putney Society is concerned about the loss of amenity to future generations of Putney’s children envisaged by the sale of playgrounds at Elliott School. We wrote to Cllr Govindia, Leader of the Council on 23 May asking that there be no binding agreement to sell land until there is a costed, consulted and consented scheme for the Grade II listed school. We posed a number of questions. The Society would prefer no sale of playgrounds, however, if disposal is essential, perhaps the land could be used for a new primary school. Letter to Cllr Govindia Cllr Govindia has responded indicating the need for urgent investment of over £33million in Elliott School to ensure its survival and future sustainability. The current school buildings are not fit for purpose. He says that he Council has spent over £4m on the buildings in recent years, but school budgets are not designed for refurbishment works on the scale needed here and the Council’s reserves are earmarked for other purposes. The Council has costed proposals for redevelopment of the school, and no more land will be sold than is necessary to pay for this. A reduced area of land for disposal is now being proposed. Letter in response from Cllr Govindia






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