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Putney Constituency - Proposed Boundary Commission Changes.

Posted on Oct 20, 2017

The latest proposals by the Boundary Commission include major changes to the Putney Parliamentary Constituency.  

Roehampton and Putney Heath are transferred to the new Wimbledon Constituency.  This includes the Roehampton University campus.  The current Putney Constituency would then be extended eastwards, almost to Clapham Junction, and south down Garrett Lane towards Earlsfield.   The name would also change to Wandsworth & Putney.

The deadline for comments on the current proposals is December 11th.

The new proposals almost certainly reflect that Wimbledon residents submitted far more objections to the previous round of proposals than Putney.   These proposals would have extended the Putney Constituency to include the whole of Putney Heath and parts of Wimbledon Common and Village.   Wimbledon would have exteded south into Merton.


Full details of the proposal can be found by clicking on the Boundary Commission Website




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