kino kino kino kino The Putney Society - Our Members are our strength - help us to keep it that way.

Our Members are our strength - help us to keep it that way.

Posted on Sep 26, 2017

We are asking all Members to help ensure that the Society continues to be a strong voice in Putney & Roehampton.  We want to keep working to promote:

High standards of planning & architecture and good future develpment.

The preservation and improvement of public amenities; buildings / open spaces / transport  / clean air / community services.

The concept of active citizenship.


We are asking you in October to talk to your friends and neighbours and encourage them to join the Society.    If you are asked what does the Society do for Members you could mention:

Our Discount Scheme in local small or independent shops

The monthly bulletin full of local issues + an informative website 

The four Society panels which monitor, respond and act of local civic issues (Buildings, Transport, Open Spaces & Community)   Their monthly meetings are open to all Members

The Society public meetings on local or London-wide issues

Social events and visits to places of interest.


Our target is to reach 1,500 households by the end of the year - if each existing Member recruited just one new member we would reach this target with ease.

Joining the Society is straightfroward - the quickest way is on-line; see the Membership tab for details.

Alternatively a membership form can be downloaded and, when completed, sent to Chris Oriss the Membership Secretary; again the form and details are on the Membership tab of this website.   



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