Lyme Disease Warning!!

Posted on Jul 30, 2020

Now that our beautiful parks, commons and woodlands are open again, many of us have taken the opportunity to be out walking and enjoying the benefits that outdoor execise can bring.   However its good to be aware of the risk of contracting Lyme disease from tick bites...

Spread by infected ticks Lyme disease is a bacterial infection.   Ticks are present throughout the UK & Ireland and are prevalent in London and the South East.   They are found in urban parks and gardens as well as rural areas.   The first thing you might notice, if you've found a tick and think that you have been bitten, is a developing "bulls eye" rash as illustrated; however not everyone develops a rash like this.    Following the bite you may develop other symptoms including fatigue headaches and other flu-like symtoms.   

So when you are walking in areas of woodland, heathland or long grass try to protect yourselves - and don't forget pets as they can be bitten too.

Stay on paths and avoid long grass and woodland when walking

Tuck trousers into socks, wear long sleeves ans use insect repellent

Check yourself, children and pets when you get home for ticks - they are tiny and easy to miss

Remove any ticks as soon as you find them - see the websites below for how to do this

If you develop a rash or other symptoms see a doctor as soon as possible


If you would like to know more then these websites have lots of information: research/resources/toolkits/lyme-disease-toolkit.aspx