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Mayor officially introduces Putney High Street Low Emissions Bus Zone (LEBZ)

Posted on Mar 09, 2017

On 9th March the Mayor launched first of a series of ‘Low Emission Bus Zones’ (LEBZ) on Putney High Street.

These zones will prioritise putting the greenest buses on the most polluted routes, and form a part of the Mayor’s wide-ranging plans to tackle the capital’s toxic air. 

Over the last few weeks buses that meet the toughest emission standards have been introduced on the routes which use Putney High Street.  Bus priority measures will also be introduced in order to keep bus delays to a minimum and reduce pollution caused by sitting in traffic.           

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said on introducing the Zone, “London’s toxic air is an outrage and I promised to make cleaning it up one of my top priorities.  Today, I’m delivering on that pledge by introducing our first ever Low Emission Bus Zone. I have asked TfL to remove the oldest, dirtiest buses from our streets and this new route, along with the 11 others we’ll be introducing, will make a big difference to the pollution caused by our public transport system. I now need other cities around the world to work with me to demand cleaner bus technology so we can phase out diesel buses altogether".

The new greener buses are a combination of hybrid and ‘clean’ buses, which meet or exceed Euro VI standards. The Low Emission Bus Zones are expected to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from buses along the routes by around 84%. There are 172 schools located within 100 metres of the new zones, meaning thousands of school children will benefit.

The Society will monitor the readings from Kings College carefully to see what effect the LEBZ has.   (Note: Real time readings from Kings College are shown on the website HOME page).





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