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Buildings Issues Qtr 1 2013 - The Exchange, Putney Hospital site, Blades, URR, RAM and others

Posted on Feb 19, 2013

Updated 25th Feb

RAM Brewery Site

Although not in Putney, a new planning application has been submitted for the Ram Brewery site in central Wandsworth. A planning application was submitted in 2008 for a regeneration of the whole site and included two towers, one of 42 storeys. This application was "called in" by the then Secretary of State and was subsequently refused. The new application number 2012/5286 can be viewed using the following link;- Ram Brewery 2012_5286. This again seeks to regenerate the whole site and now includes a "heavier" 35 storey tower. This tower will be visible for miles and will overwhelm some local street scenes. The tower is significantly higher than any other building in London southwest of Vauxhall Cross. The Society, together with the Wandsworth Society, considers this aspect of the proposal to be inappropriate for our area and would contravene the London Mayor's election promise about high rises only being in Croydon, Canary Wharf and the City. The Putney Society objection can be read at the following link:- Ram Objection

PUTNEY EXCHANGE - changes on High St frontage to start shortly

At the start of 2012 the owners of the Exchange proposed to demolish 96-98 Putney High St and the adjoining entrance to the Exchange and replace these with a bland glass frontage housing a single larger 2 storey shop.  This would have meant the destruction of the stained glass screen by well known glass artist Alan Younger (whose work can also be seen in St Mary’s church) as well as the distinctive post modern entrance around.   The Society, along with most of Putney, objected to the loss of character on our High Street :- Society response to Putney Exchange application . In response the owners held a public consultation on alternatives, but then ignored the result and were given planning consent in October for a version otherwise unchanged but at least keeping the glass.

The original shops occupied by Millets and Thomas Cook have been closed for some time and have temporary tenants. The main work to remodel the Exchange is planned to start in the next few weeks and will last until the autumn of 2013, generating some congestion on the western pavement of the High Street.


The "BLADES" building - 45-53 Putney High St and 329-339 Putney Bridge Rd, 

This application, 2012/1833 lodged in mid 2012, proposes 15 storeys of flats on Putney Bridge Road and up to 7 storeys replacing 45 - 53 Putney High Street (image at the top of this page). The Society objected strongly:-  Blades objection letter , and has offered advice at meetings with local residents and Thamesfield Ward Councillors.  A decision was due in August 2012, but it has all gone very quiet.  Can we hope for a less intensive new scheme one day, or perhaps even to keep the perfectly viable High Street building? The full application can be viewed using the following link;- 2012/1833




In 2011/12 Wandsworth granted consent for big (around 12 storeys) new buildings to replace three of the 1970’s office buildings that used to make Putney a place to work as well as a commuter dormitory. St James’ new building on the Capsticks site is in progress with completion expected in 2014, but Putney Place (opposite East Putney Station), and Tileman House at the other end are still derelict awaiting finance.    

The application for another block of up to 12 storeys to replace no.113 was approved by the Council in January 2013. This is perhaps the most sober design yet and introduces a new gap in the line of buildings on this side of the road.  A computer generated image of the proposal is shown as the second image on the top left of this page. See the Society’s comment on this application can be read using the following link:- 113 URR objection letter


Putney Hospital/Lower Common School - Putney Lower Common

After leaving it derelict for a dozen years, in 2012 the NHS sold the old Putney Hospital to Wandsworth Council who are looking for cheap sites for new Primary Schools. 

At the second attempt, despite over 600 objections, including one from the Society :- Society response to former hospital site , the Council’s Planning Applications Committee granted consent in September 2012 for a new two form entry primary school (240 pupils) on the hospital site, with a block of 24 flats for private sale behind to subsidise this.  Faced with the threat of a judicial review for their poor handling of these applications, Wandsworth Council said in December 2012 that they will be starting again with a new (but we suspect little changed) application. Watch this space.  


Elliot School

In a well ordered world, Wandsworth Council would never have allowed this listed building to deteriorate to the point of imminent closure.  But they did, and then missed out on the last round of Building Schools for the Future money.  Instead much of the open space on the site has now been sold to pay for a major renovation, and the school re-launched as the ARK Academy.  Temporary classrooms have been put up, but we are still waiting to see full details of the proposed restoration.  We have met the contractors and their architects, and generally support their approach, but still need to watch the details and ensure these are endorsed by English Heritage.  

Does any member remember or have old photos to show what colour the panels below the windows were when new in 1956? 

The Buildings Panel have also met Barratt who have bought the part of the land sold by the Council. They are proposing mainly three storey houses, which is appropriate for this location, and we will be watching this scheme as it develops into a planning application which is expected in the March timeframe.

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