Buildings Issues Qtr 3 2012 - The Blades, 113 URR, Putney Hospital site and others

Posted on Oct 02, 2012

The BLADES building - 45-53 Putney High Street and 329-339 Putney Bridge Road, 

This planning application 2012/1833 has been running during the summer. A computer generated image of the proposal is shown at the top of this page and the top level description is as follows:-

Application for full planning permission to redevelop 45 - 53 Putney High Street and 329 - 339 Putney Bridg Road for a building of part 15 storeys and part 7 storeys (plus 2 storey basement) to provide 3528 sqm retail (Class A1/A2) 389 sqm offices (Class B1) and 96 units of residential 10,808 sqm (Class C3), with associated landscaping and access works. The full application can be viewed using the following link;- 2012/1833

The Putney Society has objected to this application and the objection letter can be read using the following link:- Blades objection letter

Thamesfield ward councillors have expressed the view that they think that the application is unsatisfactory in its current. It is not currently know when this application will go to the WBC Planning Application Committee.



A planning application 2012/4046 has been submitted for this site on the Uper Richmond Road opposite the Virgin Active gym. A computer generated image of the proposal is shown as the second image on the top left of this page. The description is as follows:-

Demolition of existing building. Erection of a building up to 12-storeys (41.2m) comprising of 76 residential units (Class C3), 3408 sq. m of office floorspace at ground and first floor (Class B1) and 360 sq. m of retail floorspace (Class A1/A2/A3) together with a new public space, vehicular access off of Upper Richmond Road and basement car and cycle parking. The full application can be viewed using the following link;- 2012/4046

The Putney Society considers that there is much to commend this application but unfortunately feels the need to object to those aspects of the application already highlighted in the earlier consultation as unsatisfactory. The Society objection letter can be read using the following link:- 113 URR objection letter


PUTNEY EXCHANGE - proposed changes on High St frontage - approved

This planning application has been approved. Prior to the final submission of the application, the owners of the Exchange conducted a survey of the views of users of the Exchange as to their preference for the form of the facade fronting Putney High Street opposite Montserrat Road. There was majority support for the retention of the existing pediment entrance. The developers ignored the conclusion of this vote, which they had commissioned, and proceeded with their original preferred option referred to by many as " a bland glass clone high street". WBC approved their decision.

The planning application can be viewed using the following link:- 2011/5639 96-98 Putney High Street and The Exchange Shopping Centre

The Society objected to this debasement of our High Street and the objection can be read at :- Society response to Putney Exchange application

The Society is led to understand that the physical build of this approved development is likely to take many months, possibly seven, and is likely to require that the pavement and part of the high street carriageway is closed to public access to provide space for building supplies and delivery vehicles as the Exchange themselves cannot provide sufficient space of their own.


Putney Hospital/Lower Common School - Putney Lower Common

This planning application has been approved at the September 2012 Planning Application Committee inspite of 600 + objections.

The planning application can be viewed using the following link:- 2012/0758 Former Putney Hospital Site

The Society objected to the revised application (following the original invalid application) and the letter can be read at :- Society response to former hospital site


Elliot School

The Wandsworth Borough Council Finance and Corporate Resources Overview and Scrutiny Committee decided at a special meeting in June 2012 to approve the sale of part of the existing land at Elliot school to private developers to fund the refurbishment of the school buildings, the Secretary of State already having given approval for such a decision. It is noted that this runs counter to the Prime Minister's committment to maintain school playing fields following the country's success at the Olympics.

Planning permission has been given to WBC by themselves for temporary classroom accomodation to be installed on the site.

No planning application has yet been submitted for the refurbishment and alterations to be carried out to the school. Neither has any submission for Listed Building Consent yet been made. The Society finds this surprising given the urgency with which the Council have said they wish to proceed with upgrading the school.