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Buildings Issues Qtr 1 2012 - Putney Exchange and others

Posted on Feb 17, 2012

PUTNEY EXCHANGE - proposed changes on High St frontage

The owners of Putney Exchange have submitted a planning application, the description of which is as follows:-

Demolition of existing buildings at 96-98 Putney High Street and erection of two storey building with roof level parking as extension to existing shopping centre to provide 372sq.m. of additional retail floorspace with roof top plant room and 45 parking spaces; alterations to shopping centre including replacement front elevation to main entrance and reconfiguration of part of first floor to provide for additional retail floorspace and enlarged toilet facilities.

The planning application can be viewed using the following link:- 2011/5639 96-98 Putney High Street and The Exchange Shopping Centre

A picture of the current entrance with pediment and stained glass window by Alan Younger is shown to the left of this article. The Society supports the proposal to improve the retail space in the Exchange but is very disappointed by the plan to remove the interesting existing entrance and provide a bland, uninteresting replacement. The proposed new frontage can be seen in the planning application. The Society's response to this planning application can be seen using the following link:-

Society response to Putney Exchange application

This application is open for comment until the 28th February. Send your comments to quoting the planning application number together with your name and address.


Putney Place Site. 84-88 Upper Richmond Road (opposite East Putney Tube station)

The planning application for Putney Place was initially submitted in late 2010. The Society considered that the height and mass proposed were too great and thus objected to the application. The Society met with the developer on several occasions. In late 2011 the developer returned with a significantly modified application with the maximum height reduced to 11 storeys. The Society felt able to give cautious support to this revised proposal. The application was approved by the WBC Planning committee in November 2011.Use the links below to view the Planning application and the Putney society letter.

2010/5483 84-88 Upper Richmond Road planning application

Putney Society letter


Legal Opinion

In late 2011 the Society became concerned that decisions being made by the WBC Planning Application Committee were disregarding planning policies that the Council themselves had recently set. As a result the Society decided to seek a legal opinion from a planning Barrister about the legitimacy of the decisions. The decision concludes that there is not a strong, formal legal case for a legal challenge. To read the opinion click on the following link:-

Legal opinion

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