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100 Years On - Festing Road remembers the residents who fell in the First World War

Posted on Jun 06, 2018

Festing Road in West Putney, famous for being the birthplace of Mr Benn the BBC cartoon character, will become the first street to commemorate its residents who fell in the First World War.   Work by the Putney and Wandsworth Historical Society has discovered details of the 343 Putney men who died in the Great War.  Four came from Festing Road.

The four honoured are:

Albert Biscoe

John Copping, died February 1919, buried in the British Cemetery, Pas de Calais

George Down, died in action in July 1917, also buried in the Pas de Calais

John Gobbey, died of wounds in 1915, buried in Hampshire



Street resident and Putney Society VP, Hugh Thompson, said "We chose "They stood at the end of the world"  as the inscription as its a combination of two lines from Wilfred Owen's "Spring Offensive" which sum up how they must have felt; such were the casualties that they know very well that they may be going to their deaths.  Everyone has a grandfather or great grandfather who fought in that awful war, I had great uncles as well.  Remembering with an engraved paving stone the Festing Four is our way of commemorating and honouring their sacrifice.  This being 100 years since the the end of 'the war to end all wars', its a good time.

Local Councillor Mike Ryder is officially unveilling the stone at our street party at the end of June.  This is a street that does things together, this is the third stone that we have put down and paid for, we plant our own bulbs, we have regular parties, named a pathway.   Mr Benn would be proud of us."


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