The Putney Debates 2020 - Online 21 Oct - 18 Nov

Event Date: Nov 18, 2020

This year's Oxford Putney Debates will take place as an online interactive hour-long weekly events hosted by the leading legal commentator Joshua Rozenberg with 16 particpants drawn from academia and the law

The debates will discuss "Who wields ultimate power in the UK"


Wednesday 21st October - Keynote Lecture:

The Future of Parliamentary Sovereignty in a Decomcratic Constitution - Michael Gordon University of Liverpool


Wednesday 28th October -

Debate 1:  Parliamentary Sovereignty: History and People


Wednesday 4th November -

Debate 2:  Parliamentary Sovereignty: Executive, Civil Service, Special Advisers, Political Parties, and the Future


Wednesday 11th November -

Debate 3:  Parliamentary Sovereignty: Courts, Rights, and the International Order


Wednesday 18th November -

Final Debate:   Parliamentary Sovereignty in Perspective



Full details and registration can be found at:





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