kino kino kino kino The Putney Society - Who's who




 Robert Arguile    

 - Robert Arguile

Chair |

18 Burstock Road,  0208 788 4554

Resident in Putney since 1985.    . 


- Carolyn McMillan

Secretary |

38 Disraeli Road, SW15 2DS 020 8789 6692

A chartered psychologist specialising in health. She has lived in Putney for over 35 years with spells abroad. Chair of the Putney Society March 2010 to October 2014. She has a strong interest in community issues having set up a local residents’ association and neighbourhood watch. Hobbies include sculpture, walking and gardening.


- Malgorzata (Gosia) Jakubik

Treasurer |

55 Binley House, Highcliffe Drive, London, SW15 4PY  07746 409703



Judith Chegwidden

Judith Chegwidden

 Convenor - Open spaces panel:

Putney resident for over 40 years. Analyst providing economic research on metals and minerals markets.  Judith has been Chair of the Putney Society, a local Councillor, non-executive director on NHS Trust and school governor. 

- Jonathan Callaway 

Deputy Chairman

10 Luttrell Avenue SW15 6PF, 07768 907672

Putney resident for over 25 years. Worked in international banking and now in corporate finance. Justice of the Peace since 2005, Trustee of Wandsworth Museum and Treasurer of the Friends of Wandsworth Museum. Formerly Convenor of the Society’s Transport Panel.

- Kate Pugh

Heritage Officer


- Richard Carter

Air Pollution sub-Group


- Mike Fawcett

Air Pollution sub-Group


- Victoria L Diamond

Community Panel Convenor:

6 Norroy Road, London SW15 1PF 07746 022654


Robert Arguile

Website Editor |


- Mark Poulter


Buildings Panel Deputy Convenor (point of contact for Buildings Panel)

1 Ernshaw Pl London SW15 2BT 0208 785 6538 


- Stephen Luxford 

Stephen Luxford

Transport Panel Convenor: 


Non-Trustees (Non-Executive Members) 

 - Chris Orriss

Membership Secretary |

Tel: 020-8785 7115


 - John Horrocks

Open Spaces Panel Deputy Convenor

2 Angel Mews,Roehampton High Street, London SW15 4HU 0208 789 2956

Long time member and executive of the Society. Former Chair and Bulletin editor.


- Val Jones

Deputy Community Panel Convenor


 - Andrew Catto

Buildings Panel Convenor


 - Caroline Whitehead

 Thames Tunnel Strategy Group - Representative for The Putney Society