London Forum Summer Newsletter

Posted on Jul 30, 2017

The London Forum of Amenity & Civic Societies represents the views and interests of amenity and civic societies in London and their members on issues that are important for the living and working environment of Londoners, particularly in the fields of Town Planning, Development Management, Heritage, Transport, Infrastructure, Waterways and Open Spaces.

The Putney Society is a member of the Forum.

As an example of the range of topics covered by the Forum, below is a list of the contents of the Summer Newsletter.

The Grenfell tower disaster
The General Election
London Forum awards
The erosion of sound government
Housing in London – whose interests?
What is happening to London’s water?
London Forum Open Meetings - the Mayor’s Transport Strategy
The Mayor and GLA
Spotlight: The York House Society
Environment and open spaces - Victoria Tower Gardens, Air quality
Housing news briefs
Tall buildings
Responses to recent legislation
Round the Societies
News briefs
Events and meetings


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