Putney Society Shopper's Discount Scheme

The Putney Promotions Discount Scheme is now up and running. The aim behind the scheme is to encourage more of us to shop locally, and to support the local retailers. All you have to do is look out for the swan sticker in shop windows, and claim your discount or special offer. 

Around 60 local independent businesses have joined the scheme already.

They are shown on the interactive map or check the lists below:



We are please to announce 3 new additions to the scheme:

1    Artisan Bakehouse - 232 Upper Richmond Road       5% Discount

2    Putney Salsa Club -  The Dance Lab Ballroom Hall,  63 Upper Richmond Road SW15 2RD

There is a free £10 class when you buy a course package.   These are 3 types of package - 3, 6 or 9 week courses.   When you sign up you'll get an extra lesson for free.  For example if you buy a 3 week Bronze Package, you will get a £10 4th class free.   So for £24 you get 4 classes - a saving of 40%.

3    Chalet Ciro Neopolitan Cafe  - 82 High Street.    Famous in Naples - Gelati, Pastries, Sandwiches.    10% off with a minimum spend of £10. 


Retailers listed by road, Alphabetical list of participants, Type of service offered

For more information on the scheme contact Vicky Diamond [vickysw15@aol.co.uk].


Click here if you cannot see the New Interactive Map